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I'm here for now anyway, so why not! I dug up a tag from a year ago(?!?!?!) tagging me to do this, but I'm a little late to the party //coughs RLYLATESORRY It was supposed to be 50 but WHO CARES RIGHT--

1. I started off drawing strictly animals (dragons, phoenixes, etc.) and started drawing people around 7th grade

2. I R E A L L Y love books. Red Dragon/Silence of the Lambs series + Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde + the Shining are my favorite books forever :iconlazypoolplz: (aka I love gore and mystery)

3. I'm trash for gravity falls/otgw/superjail!

4. ... but I'm also trash for Kamisama Hajimemashita, Tokyo Ghoul and NATSUME YUUJINCHOUUU

5. Also Nightvale

5. I still like Scissor Sisters songs and still have four of them that I listen to at least a million times a month

7. I have insomnia and I need to sleep more, I say to myself as I type this at 3:00 in the morning

8. I have a habit of talking to myself when I'm alone, about anything I feel like.

9. I'm the biggest procrastinator to ever live on this earth. I can go on the Internet for one minute to look up something for homework and get sidetracked by anything

10. I get really paranoid sometimes, esp. when I'm alone and every single sound the house makes or loud sound I hear outside is a serial killer or smth

11. Finals week is the worst week in school (this is a fact)

12. The Property of Hate and Todd Allison/Petunia Violet are my favorite webcomicsss

13.  I find it a little funny when a few people come to Hawaii and say that they're surprised we have electricity  _(:3 」∠)_

14. My pet peeves are rude people and lgbt/race/religion phobic people guhhhh

15. I'm 100% introvert and I'm fine with a group of 3-4 close friends but I really hate huge parties and school socials and basically any large gathering--

16. I love macarons of (almost) any flavor......

17. The worst food I've ever tasted was a combination of worm and rotten egg flavored jelly beans from diagon alley :iconrazycryplz:

18. I have never related so much to a character as Dipper 

19. I admire anyone who can create really awesome backgrounds when coloring like how do you guys do it. What devil did you sell your soul to.

20. Tumblr, youtube and pokemon showdown are my favorite things

I can't wait for it to be over ugh someone help me I have math science and history exams on the same day and I just can't 
+ my art style has (somewhat) returned to normal but the animation style is reFUSING TO LEAVE 
doodles by yuutomin
it's been almost a year and I missed so many of you guys and oidhgkoirahglkf I took an animation class and holy shiet my art style changed in that time otl it's become so lazy looking aaahahhahhh :iconlazypoolplz:
Hellooooo I haven't been here in awhile I've had some major art block + waiting and dying for Northwest Mansion Noir which comes out in two weeks omg can you smell the Dipcifica + homework + Over the Garden Wall + Tokyo Ghoul Re + really sad that Monty Oum died + worrying about college and homework and art and maybe even homework 
//coughs but yea hopefully the art block has lifted because I'm suddenly feeling more creative??????????? pfft idk I'm bye :iconrazycryplz:

wow what a whirlwind of different emotions ; t ;;;
Sorry I'm not around much to talk to people aaaahh //rolls
but I wish you guys a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Hope you all have a great one. Don't forget to eat lots of good food * p *:iconsparklesplz:

also, I'm a late butt to the train and got New Leaf yesterday, so if you have a friend code please drop it hereeee

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